Still Life Garden

Still Life Garden “Still Life Garden” is a monochrome still life installation. The objects, which have specific indicators with their colors, textures and functions, are painted in gold gilding. Here, all objects, far from their class, economic and social connotations, are in a new network of equal, colliding relationships, in contrast to the traditional still

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Full Mirror of Adam II

This project is an attempt to reverse the way how the media demonstrates and  presents violence which has become almost a routine of everyday life. The project,  based on the reinterpretation of the content and visuals of the news on violence, is a  criticism to transforming the victim of violence into a mediatic show object.

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Objects of Nature

The “Objects of Nature” series comprises hormone-injected, genetically modified fruits and vegetables borrowed from today’s nature. It stands between the natural and the artificial, where the ecology is eroded by the uncontrolled impact of today’s technologies on nature. “Objects of Nature”, Oil on Paper, 21 x 29 cm. 2015

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