Wrong Works

This is the diary of a period when many events that we wish we hadn’t experienced, are highlighted and implacably smacked on our faces. There are objects in this diary each of which can be sensed by me only when I touch them and which are drawn blind, and put in my plate by the preferences of others represent many realities that are imposed to us and the details of which are well-assumed by us but definitely we cannot educe.

These objects are constituted of lines without any route, self-ordained, mixed up and shifted from their axes. Thereby they go beyond the ordinary and reach the soul of personal desire. (November 2015)

The objects of blind sketch book are taken to the center for the second time as being the continuance of this process. The self-ordained objects with their mixed up lines this time turned into a three dimensional scope by me in order to highlight them persistently. They start to work fort o represent the correct part of my mistakes. (March 2017)

Object Drawings : 17×12,5 cm (30 pieces), Pencil on Paper, 2015 Three-Dimensional Objects: The largest is 20 cm. sizes (20 pieces), Plaster Casting, 2017