Untitled Yet

The series focuses on animals that are moved away from our daily lives for human and human-oriented reasons and participate in our lives in the form of beautiful, cute toy representations. It questions the systems of how the animals are being decentralised re-existence, transformed into decorative and functional elements, and how such norms shape our impulses to determine our relationship with the environment.

In the series, the toy animals are centered as a representation. It is like a representation of the evil viewpoint that romanticise and  pretty up animals. The works show the relationship between man as the dominant and commanding subject (with the cut limbs, an irony over a bit of human violence) and the animal, which is objectified as an almost inanimate being. It is like another indicator of human violence.

I believe that, with the connotations of toy animals in our daily lives, looking again at the relationship between living and inanimate, human and non-human will also open the space for us to question our own position.

seniha ünay - henüz isimsiz