Out Of Norm II

The series “Out of Norm”, was inspired by a news article seen on digital media. According to the article: a stillborn sheep that shocked the people who have seen it with its “half-human”, “half-animal” looks; given birth by a sheep that was infected by Rift Valley Fever in North Africa was labeled as “the devil sheep”.


Normalised violence which we are constantly exposed to by these and hundreds of similar news articles through different mediums, makes up this series’ focal point. This is a suggestive essay on the situations that are labeled with expressions of “out of ordinary”, “abnormality” encountered in these articles and the positioning of humans in situations like these.


In this context, two different forms were focused on. The topic of the first form was the extraordinary dead “sheep” with its weak and fragile looks, while the topic of the second form was tardigrades that represent the resistant and the ideal figure of the concious’ power focused perception. The works act as the interrogations of the feelings that adopt the extraordinary. While the sheep is pictured in environments that are familiar to humans with oil-paintings and video practices the tardigrades were shaped with ink practices by an observing eye.

seniha ünay - norm dışı