The “Umwelt” project tracks non-human creatures appearing in the media, in news aboutconflicts, explosions or human-induced disaster. Our human-oriented memory, which is shaped by the news presented in the media, is in search of the natural environment such as trees, stones, animals, rivers while questioning our sense and perception.
The project is shaped within the framework of the concept of “Umwelt (environment, surrounding world)” (Uexüll, b.1909 / d.2017); it is based on the idea that the perceptions of the external world of animals and humans are completely different from each other and have their own subjectivity in the world that animals perceive with their sense organs. From this point of view, an “environment” that does not include humans and man-made objects seeks a subjectivity composed not only of animals but also of other non-human creatures.
The project is visualized through news videos where the witnessing status of non-human creatures is ignored and almost absent.

Seniha Ünay, “Umwelt”, kağıt üzerine mürekkep, yağlıboya, haberlerden seçilmiş çeşitli boyutlarda görseller, 2022- devam ediyor