Still Life Garden

“Still Life Garden”, Installation, Various Objects Painted in Gold Bronze, Black And White Satin Fabrics, 2015, in Varying Dimensions Depending on the Space Objects that need to include certain indicators with their colors and textures are painted in gold bronze. Therefore, brightness of a crystal cup and dullness of a plastic cup are eliminated. This …

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Full Mirror Of Adam II

This project is an attempt to reverse the way how the media demonstrates and  presents violence which has become almost a routine of everyday life. The project,  based on the reinterpretation of the content and visuals of the news on violence, is a  criticism to transforming the victim of violence into a mediatic show object. …

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Objects Of Nature

“Objects of Nature”, Oil on Paper, 21 x 29 cm. 2015 The “Objects of Nature” series is comprised of hormone injected, genetically modified fruits and vegetables borrowed from today’s nature. Fruits and vegetables that are tried to be put away from artificiality are made especially by using paint on paper. The purpose here is to …

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“Dreamspace”, Mixed Media on Paper, 70×100 cm, 2011


“Magazin”, Oil on Magazine, 2009-2015


“Invasion”, Installation, 2012

My Father’s Objects

My Father’s Objects, 2015, Spray Paint on Ready Made Objects, Various Dimensions At first the objects, my dad never used to put away, used to be ordinary objects for me. Today those are emotional objects far from its function, that lets me to keep connected with my past. Could what is seen, be different than …

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